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Syncer is the new standard for ecommerce migrations. Syncer is available for webshop owners, agencies, independents, freelancers, web designers. From now on anyone can offer an online store migration, earn commissions and create revenue with other things like store design, frontend, setup and customization in ecommerce platforms.
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Most popular ecommerce platform of the moment in the Netherlands.


Lightspeed C Series is a wonderful platform but is only available to existing customers.


Creative millennials and startups are thoroughly enjoying this platform, which does have some limitations.


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Lightspeed to Shopify

Replatform your e-commerce platform

Switching from Lightspeed to Shopify is now possible for everyone.

Many partners do offer a migration, but don't just start here. We speak from experience that switching to Shopify can be a pain in the ass. That's why we spent a year working on the Syncer® app, which syncs 100% of your store, apps and data to Shopify.

Live Syncer®
The Syncer app syncs all your Lightspeed data to Shopify so that the current and new shop run in sync.
All orders
Full order history linked to your customer database, in Live Sync. This takes a few days, but then you have results.
100% migration
We sync specifications, variants, filters, colors, everything you can think of, and that which you cannot think of.
Do your own design and setup without worry or find a suitable, qualified partner
SEO Migration
All your redirects, SEO data, Google Tag Manager data will be synced to your new store.
For customization, we have the Enterprise package or find a suitable partner on our partner portal.