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Stap gratis over van Lightspeed naar Shopify

Free Migration from Lightspeed to Shopify? Yes, it's true! We offer a cost-free migration from Lightspeed to Shopify. So, do you really offer a cost-free data migration from my Lightspeed webshop to a new Shopify environment? Yes, you read that correctly.

Why can you migrate from Lightspeed to Shopify for free via Syncer? Let's take a look at how this works.

At Shopify, partnerships are central. Always have been. Long before they came up with the mega updates via Shopify Editions, you couldn't really do anything without partners in Shopify. Shopify offers an SaaS solution to start an online store, but to truly grow within Shopify, you often need external assistance, such as a Shopify partner, a Shopify partner app, a Shopify theme, or at least extensive knowledge to optimize your store yourself.

These so-called partnerships ensure a continuous stream of income for all parties involved. The merchants, that's you, pay Shopify. Think of subscription fees, a revenue percentage, monthly costs for apps, and other integrations, etc. Shopify then pays the costs, or part of them, out to partners. Partners, in turn, bring in other clients, and for this, they receive a percentage of "commissions."

That's how the circle completes. Everyone earns something in this commission-based world. And guess what? We also believe in this "commission-based" model.

Our mission is to provide an optimized experience to every merchant. We want to make growth accessible not only to the 'big' players.

Because, like us, after years of development, we believe that getting 'paid' in small increments is more valuable than continuously asking for the big bucks, we have decided to offer migration to Shopify for free.

Why spend tens of thousands of euros to grow? We want the best for our customers, no unnecessary hassle and limitations in the entire platform transition, but rather thinking of solutions.

We, too, have seen the market shift over the past 15 years. Customers want to grow, look around. They come to us with the question of whether we can grow with them.

Our new migration tool makes it possible to transfer your entire Lightspeed store to Shopify, with just 1 click, simple as that. Well, that seems so... at the back, of course, there are a lot of clicks at work, but you won't notice that.

  • Forget unnecessary long migration nightmares
  • Prevent missing data (which often only turns out to be missing later)
  • Stop squinting at Excel lists
  • And benefit from a smooth transition to your new online platform

But that's not all. Our tool ensures that your new Shopify store stays synchronized with your old Lightspeed store, so you will never have inventory or order problems during the migration process. Moreover, your employees can calmly get used to and get to know the system because both stores remain in sync.

And the best part?

Because such a data migration is fun, but how will all that new data be visible in an entirely new platform, with a different look and feel and possibly missing functions?

We have also taken this into account with our Syncer app. After all, we are Lightspeed and Shopify experts and know exactly which components are important to take along and make visible in your new Shopify store.

Our Syncer® app includes various features to ensure that your data is displayed correctly in Shopify, and our special Syncer theme offers a wide range of design options to transfer the shop one-on-one.

And if you need additional adjustments, our partners are ready to assist you.

Why choose Syncer over other migration tools?

Still not convinced? We thoroughly researched the available options before deciding to develop our own tool. Syncer provides solutions to common problems that other tools often cannot handle, such as

- product bundles
- custom fields
- VAT switches, and much more.

And if you already work with another party, no problem! You can still use their expertise and service while we handle the full migration via Syncer.

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch from Lightspeed to Shopify today and let us do the work for you. It's free, effortless, and the best for your online business.

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